The Council of Women works towards improving conditions for the family,

community and society in areas such as economics, education, health,

environment, housing, justice, status of women,

social development and seniors’ issues.

What we do:

  • Learn about current community issues

  • Share in our collective knowledge

  • Identify emerging needs, raise awareness and respond to current concerns

  • Assess existing legislation, develop and present alternative policy through our Provincial and National Councils

  • Network and promote the work of your community organization

  • Monthly speakers and panel discussions

  • Our council submits Resolutions to the Provincial and National Councils for consideration and ratification as policy.

In affiliation with the National Council of Women of Canada, a leader in working towards:

  • Foundation of the Victorian Order of Nurses

  • Designation of women as persons

  • Conservation of National Parks

  • Equal pay for equal work

  • Old age pensions

  • Right to status of native women

  • Strengthening of Endangered Species Act

  • Raising awareness and advocating to stop the planned transportation of liquid nuclear waste through communities in Ontario.