Margaret MacGee

Mrs. MacGee, who was elected President at the 1984 annual meeting, had been born Margaret Bunner in Brampton, ON. on December 30, 1930 the middle child of three daughters. She completed her high school years in London and went to work for the Bell Telephone Company in 1949. She met her husband in 1954 and in 1961 became a full-time home-maker. She immediately became involved in the Home and School Association and was a founder of the Ontario Block Parent Association. She was President of the Local Council of Women in London from 1979 to 1982.

It was through local encouragement that Mrs. MacGee felt she could speak with confidence to the Premier of Ontario and to his cabinet on Council concerns on matters such as fire safety regulations for high-rise buildings. In many cases, work through the local council has led women directly into memberships on school boards and hospital boards, and then to running in municipal, provincial and federal elections.

The work of Margaret MacGee, as editor of the Newsletter and President of the Provincial Council of Ontario, was of great importance.

As well as attending meetings in Nairobi and United Kingdom, Margaret MacGee managed to travel more than 5000km. within Canada visiting local councils in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In her 1993 report, Margaret MacGee underlined the responsibility for Council’s action and policies residing in the membership at the local level. Acknowledging that it is your study, your meaningful resolution debate, your input on matters of importance to Council – it is your participation which provides Council’s strength and its diverse and grassroots voice.